Kitchen allows a user to choose from a variety of testing frameworks which it calls verifiers.


Busser is the default verifier which uses "runner" plugins based on the file/folder structure test/integration/SUITE/RUNNER (relative to the .kitchen.yml).


The Busser runner for ServerSpec, installs serverspec and specinfra gems locally on the instance under test. A Gemfile can be used to control versions of gems installed. Test files musts end in *_spec.rb

`-- test
    `-- integration
        `-- default
            `-- serverspec
                |-- Gemfile
                |-- httpd_spec.rb
                `-- spec_helper.rb


The Busser runner for BATS, Bash Automated Testing System.


The kitchen-inspec verifier is a sharp departure from busser in that InSpec code is (exclusively) executed on the host system against a node via SSH or WinRM.


This community verifier forgoes busser, allowing both host execution like kitchen-inspec and node execution like busser-serverspec